What is an Associate Degree  and the pricing of other degrees? – Should You Know.

Degrees to get in college:

Degree Fees (USD$) Duration&Credits Suggest Years ofWorking Experience
Associate Degree USD$ 160 2 years (60 credits) 2 Years
Bachelor Degree USD$ 170 4 years (120 credits) 3 Years
Master Degree USD$ 220 2 years (60 credits)(2 years after Bachelor degree) 4 Years
Doctorate Degree USD$ 260 4 years (120 credits)(4 years after Master degree) 6 Years
Fellowship USD$ 310 2 years (60 credits)(2 years after Doctorate degree) 8 Years
Professorship USD$ 310 Not Apply (normally 4 years of experience after PHD or Master degrees) 8 Years
Honorary Doctorate USD$ 370 Not Apply (only issue to very special prestige or established person) 8 Years


If you are looking to combine your experience with your degree and you don’t want to spend the greater chunk of your time, you are looking for an associate degree.

Question may rise in your mind that what is an associate degree?

What is an associate degree

An associate degree is an Undergraduate course in relevant subject that needs you two years of time duration to be accomplished. You don’t need to spend your four years in the same degree. After completing your 2 years associate degree, you will be eligible to pursue your bachelor’s degree. If you have further queries on what is an associate degree and you are perplexed, you don’t need to be worried about this. We are here to guide you. We have experienced educationist and ace consultant who know better that which course suites you according to your experience. You need to coordinate them; they will welcome your queries.

Once you come out of what is an associate degree’s question; you may try to find another question which will and should be, Why an associate degree?

Here you go, there is a common phrase that “Time is Money”. A wise person tries to save his/her money because he/she knows the worth of it. If you know the worth of your time then to get the associate degree is the right direction that you may follow. The best part is that, we are making your time worthier by giving you opportunity to buy an associate degree. This opportunity will not only save your time but your financial assets as well. If you calculate the total cost of attending classes in the University for an Associate Degree, it costs you a lot including your time. On the other hand, if you buy an associate degree, it will cost you lesser. Hence you have to know what is an associate degree and why it is important in your professional life.

  • Tuition Fee

Most of associate degrees require you to pay tuitions fee and bear traveling cost which is very obvious. Buying associate degree will not cost your tuition fee and traveling expenses. You can save big chunk of your money from buying an associate degree. We can make you understand what is an associate degree and how you can obtain it without investing lots of money.

  • Employers Prefer Associate Degree over High School Diploma

If you apply for a job and you have associate degree, you will be preferred over high school diploma holders. You can look at the brighter side of your future once you get an associate degree. However it is very important to know what is an associate degree to know the significance of such degree.

  • Your Experience is Raw

If you don’t have a degree and you have experience this means that you have a raw experience. This means that you have done nothing. To get an associate degree and become valuable and experienced employee, you will have to know what is an associate degree.

Are you still confused about What is an associate degree? and why should you obtain an associate degree. Let’s have a look for some facts and figure related to associate degree. In the United States of America, associate degrees are helpful if you are looking for high salary job, surveyed by U.S Bureau of Labor statistics. Now what else you can get if you could know what is an associate degree? If your experience has enabled you to perform the duties of nurse, dental Hygienist, Respiratory Therapist, Programmer, Telecom Installer and Paralegal but still you are not worthy enough because you don’t have an associate degree. We highly recommend you that don’t mingle with “What is an associate degree and why an associate degree” question. Just grab the opportunity and get your associate degree without enough efforts because you have already done it in your practical life. It’s time to fly high and be valuable in job market.

We can assume that you are no more confused and you are no more asking that what is an associate degree and why an associate degree? If you still have question, you can contact us directly.